Different Show/Hide Drive Problem

I have a problem with the following command:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,network,removable,hideempty NEWTAB=findexisting

There are two mapped networked hard drives attached to a WinXP system. For some reason, DOpus has decided that one of those drives is empty! If I remove the 'hideempty' qualifier, the drive in question reappears (along with all of my genuinely empty cdrom and memory card drives).

The second mapped network drive behaves normally. Both of them are physicaly installed in the same PC, which is accessible on the network, and both are shared in the same way.

Under what circumstances can DOpus determine that a hard drive is empty?

On another system, on the same network, DOpus handles both drives properly, using the same command.

The 'hideempty' flag only affects removable and cd-rom type devices (DRIVE_REMOVABLE and DRIVE_CDROM) so it shouldn't pick up a network drive under any circumstances. Is there a chance the network drive is configured strangely in some way such that it may be appearing to the system as a removable drive? You could try un-mapping and re-mapping it to see if that magically fixes the problem.

Hello Jon...

Thanks for the quick response.

I more or less anticipated the detail you have provided. I did try the unmap/re-map route, but no magic, I'm afraid.

The big puzzle is the DOpus installation on another PC which shows it properly. To make it somewhat clearer, I have two PCs running DOpus, plus a third system functioning as a home server, and running WinXP. It is the home server which has the two hard drives installed. They are both shared the same way, and the two DOpus PCs both have them mapped. and use the same DOpus command to show the drives. One of them shows both mapped drives all of the time, the other will only show the second drive if I remove the "hideempty" qualifier from the command.

So, I interpret this as one copy of DOpus is seeing something which defines the drive as removable, and that something must be associated with the PC setup, not the server setup. Dashed if I can think what the something might be though.

That said, I suspect it is not really a DOpus problem, but can you see a flaw in the logic?

Hello Jon...

Don't waste any more time on this!

The original mapping was done using Dopus (Tools/Map Network Drive), and it showed both drives as mapped.

However, I just fired up My Computer (outside of DOpus), and only one of the drives was shown. I mapped the missing one there, went back to DOpus, and voila! the magic happened.

Why? Who knows or cares? :confused:

Problem solved. Thanks again for your help. At least it prompted me to look at My Computer.