Different toolsbars for open listers

hi there...

i'm using directory opus for a long time and i'm very satisfied with it.
for a while i tried the following without success...
usually i work with a duallister, since a while i need quite often to open a secondary singlelister.
these single lister should have own toolbars which are different from the duallister.
when i open the singlelister from a button and try to close btw attach the toolbars they will
close / attach on the duallister as well... is there any trick or way to handle this?

at the second i often use the {Rs} Dialog to send some userinput to third party software, is there
a way to force open in front the {Rs} Dialog?

every help is welcome...

directory opus...not just a kind of software - it's simply a weapon!

If a lister has a Global toolbar open then there is no way to close that toolbar for another lister: if you remove a Global toolbar from one lister you will remove it from all of them ... If you want to have a lister with special toolbars then you would have to turn off all the Global toolbars, which would turn them off for all your other listers as well. You could then turn back on some Local toolbars in a particular window, presumably via a button or hotkey. But you'd have to push that button / hotkey every time you re-opened that window ... You could also create a button or hotkey which opens a saved Layout and turns on a local toolbar using this code:

Prefs LAYOUT=<Your Layout> Toolbar NAME=<Your Custom Toolbar Name> LOCAL

this is what i already do...but not the solution i hoped to find...
anyway thanks for help...