Dimensions column not displaying data


My folder format has the "dimensions" column displaying in all folder types, as a default column. Until the update to v12, it always displayed the data of image files correctly. Now it is not displaying any information at all.

Please help. Thanks.


If you fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus), then double-click a folder with only some JPEG files in it, do you get the same problem?

(To test this theory, make sure Opus doesn't see any other types of files, e.g. in other folders or tabs.)

Thanks for getting back.
Doing that seems to have resolved the problem. Sorry to have bothered.


The file-info thread may have gotten stuck on another file that it viewed. e.g. This sometimes happens if it tries to get information about a video file, and the combination of the file + the installed video codecs/splitters causes the request to take a long time or even get stuck in a loop and never return.

If it happens often, try disabling the Movie viewer plugin & restarting Opus as a quick test. If that seems to stop the problem, it's most likely being caused by a video file/splitter. (That isn't the only possible cause, but it's a reasonably common one compared to the other possibilities.)

Thanks. Will do.