Dimensions, Dur & Vid Codec not displaying in "Movies" Folder View

Within a multitude of subfolders where I have video files, I am unable to see any Dimensions, Duration or Video Codec info that displays with the default Movies Folder View. I have confirmed this for a dozen such folders. I have completely closed Directory Opus and reopened. The last time, I took the Task Manager route to kill the process.

I know, based on my search, that DO can get 'hung up' trying to read the information of certain files, but I've managed to have this problem with a subfolder containing one incredibly innocuous file. I turn to you, DO-user or more likely Leo. :slight_smile:

Do you mean you've found one file that Opus can't show those three metadata values for (of a file type / extension that it can show them for other files of the same type)?

Or do you mean that once you try to show data for that file, other files which normally work no longer get metadata either?

Sorry for the lack of clarity. Here's a better description: All files in my lister lack each of those metadata values. There are simply three empty columns where there should be individual values for each file. I keep switching to other sub-folders but it doesn't matter which I visit.

The built-in columns only work with certain video forums currently, and also depend on what's installed in terms of video components.

You may find these columns useful as a quick alternative:

They can be extended to show other details, if needed. Any column displayed in File Explorer can be imported into Opus (more or less).

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Thanks for those alternatives. The Icaros info wasn't what I was looking for, but that first link - to the updated script - is perfect. Works now. Thanks again!

I've had the same issue with both Windows 10 Explorer and Directory Opus not showing dimensions, length, codec in details view but have found the following fix:

  1. installing an updated Codec Pack (I'm using kLite)
  2. install MKVToolNix for Windows has fixed whatever was broken in Windows.


Thanks for the script Leo. Any chance you could update it to indicate which movies are missing subtitles?

I don't think Windows has a column for that. Maybe in the future, via another method.

With Icaros and Icaros video information columns you can see which videos have subtitles: