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I was talking about listary.
Features I can't get to work, anyone found a solution? If not, I will try on Listary forum.

  1. In open/save dialog I choose Smart -> open the file selected in file manager. I would suppose it will open (or save to) file that is selected in DOpus. But it doesn't work.
  2. In most application Listary helps with searching through items even if I don't know the beginning of a name. So if I type "software" it will automatically find "GPSoftware" in Explorer. But if I want to do the same in Opus, so I hit Win+S (show listary toolbar hotkey) and type "software", it will search recent locations but not files in current lister.

Any ideas?
I know it looks like it's more related to Listary than Opus, but then again, here are more people using Opus so there might be someone who already found out how to solve these problems.


Both of these things don't work for me too, so I suppose they're not supported. I believe that support for DO is not as full as for Explorer, so it's probably good to write a post about it in Listary forum - I hope the developer can add these features

Probaby Admin could move these posts to a separate thread about Listary.


It doesn't even open any DOpus lister. (open the file selected in file manager)
But I'm waiting for Listary 4 (current version is 3.51xx) which was promised to be released today.