Directory Breadcrumb Font Size

I am having trouble finding the control to adjust the size of the font for the directory bread crumbs?

Settings > Customize Toolbars > File Display > Font

(Assuming you're using the default File Display toolbar, of course. If you've made a copy with a different name, edit the copy instead.)

The toolbar modifications affect the line with Drives and the lower line with Name/Ext/Size... I am trying to change the font size where it says c > code >


Right click on any toolbar and select Customize. Then in customize window:

Then select your font type and size:

That fixed it! Thank you!

It sounds like you were changing some unrelated font settings in Preferences.

The thing Chuck pointed to is the same thing I pointed to, just via a slightly different route. (Settings > Customize Toolbars opens the same dialog as right-clicking some empty space on a toolbar and selecting Customize.)