Directory indicates over fifty meg of files, but?

I'm using a folder tree that displays two listers, or Windows. I run size so I can see how big the directories are. They should all a lot of big sizes. But when I click and go into the directory, they appear to be empty. But I know they're not empty. So I go to the filter window and click on clear history & clear filters, I click just about everything in the filter window. I get mixed results. This just started happening, at least I'm first noticing it. I should also mention I just updated, before I noticed my problem. But somehow I doubt if it has anything to do with the update.

I was kind of think and maybe it say setting. I have no reason to think that what I've never had this problem before. The worst part is, if I'm not careful and think the directory is empty. I could be getting myself into a big problem. I always thought seeing was believing. I will bit worried right now. But I do feel that it's probably a very easy care, I'm just not aware of it.


I went back to start working on my problem and discovered more issues. I was trying to mold some files from what directory into what appeared to be an empty directory. I could not move the files into the empty directory. So I did some more checking and found that the directory, although it looked empty, had files and it.


If items are hidden in the directory you are in, the status bar will tell you how many.

If you hover the mouse pointer over the hidden count on the status bar, a tooltip will appear listing some of the hidden files and folders so give you a quick idea of what's being hidden.

You can usually reveal all hidden items using these three menu items:

From your description of things, it sounds like you are using some very old or customized toolbars, so if you don't see the menu above then you may need to reset your toolbars to the default ones.

My toolbars can be as much as three years old. Is there a way to do some kind of a check against the toolbars. I am using several and they have quite a few items on them.

Thanks for your help.

What kind of check do you mean?

If you want to check if those menu items are on your toolbars, you just have to open the menu (assuming the menu exists at all) and look. If the menu or anything in it is missing then you must not be using the default toolbars. (The filter field you described in the first post is not part of the default toolbars either, so it seems likely you're not using them.)

You mentioned in the above response that the toolbar might be old. Is there a way to qualify the toolbar to see if there is problematic issues or whether or not the items on the toolbar are out of date, such as possibly a menu button that I create. My concern is that may be everything seems to look all right, but under certain circumstances, the item might be old and problematic in future use.


You can compare the default toolbars to your own, either manually by turning both on and clicking through them, or using a text-comparison tool on the .dop files.

The defaults haven't changed significantly since Opus 10 first came out, so as long as they are not older than that and look like the ones in my screenshot, you should be fine. (The changes there have been have been very minor tweaks.)

On the other hand, if they look totally different to the ones in my screenshots then you might be missing out on some functionality.