"Directory not empty" error only moving some files within it


I'm not sure if this is a bug or perhaps "the way it should work".

I'm constantly adding newly items to a specific folder, mainly webdumps in a re-created directory structure, that means the "destination folder" already contains a bunch of the same files, nested in the same directory structure as my "source". It's only to have it to "Add To..." so the destination structure build up towards completion.

So, In order to do that I thought about, each time i had a new webdump as a source, I can drag&move it to the destination, therefor having to have it add any new, non-existing items in the destination, and having a "This files already exists" popup, on which I would then choose "Skip All".

This works fines as long as it's file related, but when it wants to process the directories it always pops up " The directory is not empty.(145)" error message.
Is this normal behavior please ?

Yes, that's normal and by design. It's Opus telling you that the source directory itself could not be moved because it ended up not being empty (because some of the files inside it were skipped).

(Personally, I'd rather not see that error after skipping files either, but it is by design. The rationale is that it lets you know why the dir is still there afterwards, though in my personal opinion that is already clear without the extra error message.)

Thanks for clearing that up Leo :wink: