Directory Opus 10 hangs

I am running Opus (x64) on my Windows 7x64 system with 6MB RAM. Opus hangs constantly when I try to open a directory and I have to kill the process manually with Windows Task Manager.

I solve the problem by reinstalling Opus and rebooting. Opus then works for a while before the 'hanging' resumes and I am back to square one. What could my problem be and how can I eliminate it so that Opus runs normally?

I might say that I have other explorer programs on my system such as Total Commander, PowerDesk 8 Pro and xplorer2 and they all work flawlessly. I am reluctant to jettison Opus (which I prefer) but will have to do so if I can't fix the problem.

See the FAQ Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories.

Upgrade to more RAM ? :laughing:

Some time back a couple of us reported similar behaviour that seemed to be related to using Cloud storage.

Gradually eliminating connections helped to diagnose this. In my case, PaperPort Anywhere was implicated.

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There have been other discussions along similar lines:

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This may have nothing to do with your problem. I just offer it as a way of eliminating issues.

I still see these "hangs" from time to time. But life's too short to chase them to earth.

The Ram typo should have read 6GB, sorry. Jaydeem