Directory Opus 10: How to go back to the old layout?

Well... I'd like to go back to the classic layout that was the default in DOpus 9, I just can't get used to this one.

I WAS looking through these forums, however I cannot find a topic discussing this problem. I know there was one since I found it once before (Just reinstalled windows, so no browsing history remains in Firefox, since I only backup settings and bookmarks). Would appreciate any help with this. It should be added to the FAQ or something.

They window layout hasn't changed much between Opus 9 and Opus 10.

Do you mean the toolbars instead? There's already a FAQ for that; it's the 4th one in the list.

(If you've just reinstalled Windows and don't have a backup of your old Opus 9 configuration, I can send you the toolbars from mine.)

Haha! Actually after thinking for a while I installed DOpus 9 on my brother's PC and copied the toolbars from there.

But it would actually be nice if they were included in DOpus 10 even if they're not the "default" ones.