Directory Opus 11.12 and FolderGuard


I installed your trial version of Directory Opus 11.12. I have a FolderGuard 9 software in my system. I protected some drives with folderguard. when I try to open that drive with Directory Opus it is not asking any password. It is showing " An error occurred reading folder: Access is denied.(5)" error.
SO Is it working with FolderGuard or not? If it is working what to do? I must know Is it working or not before purchase.

We have no knowledge of how FolderGuard works, but it sounds like it must hook into Explorer in some way which won't work with other software.

It may be possible to set it up to work with Opus as well (you can run custom actions or scripts on double-click, so code could be run to talk to FolderGuard in theory), but it's something that the makers of FolderGuard would have to explain how to do, as presumably their tool works by making the folders inaccessible to other software and Opus would need to be configured to run a FolderGuard component to prompt for the password and undo whatever it is that it does.

Hmmm... I gave a brief look at this company when I was looking for an encryption solution for USB drives (which I posted to the Coffeeshop about at the time). While I didn't crawl the entire innards of the website - I couldn't easily find any real details on how the product works. There's only this bit in their user guide:

How Folder Guard works

Though they offer a disclaimer that regular users don't need to read the details provided in this write-up just to use the software - the details themselves aren't really all that detailed. Are they dirty hooking all the filesystem API's, using a filter driver, etc? Don't know... but they seem to also be the current author of AB Commander (their own file manager), so I wonder if it works with Folder Guard? If you're a customer and ask them about supporting Opus, you may get a bit more receptivity than otherwise might be the case, since they should be able to sympathize with users of alternate file managers :slight_smile:. On the other hand, they may look at integration with Folder Guard as an advantage they wouldn't care to extend to other competing file managers...

They also have multiple similar products (Folder Guard, USBCrypt, and My Secret Folder)... that have some overlap but which also use a variety of techniques (from simple password folder protection to actual encryption). Hopefully, the only one they'd need to provide some help to get working with Opus is Folder Guard.

I know this is an old thread, as Folder Guard user I wanted to give some feedback in case anyone else is Googling for a solution (like me).

Problem: When using Windows Explorer and navigating to a Folder Guard locked drive, Explorer shows an unlock button which can be used to unlock the drive at various places. When we use Directory Opus we don't have these buttons.

Workaround: Folder Guard provides a command line tool to lock/unlock/toggle locked locations.

Example shortcut for my backup folder on the NAS:

"C:\Program Files\Folder Guard\FG64.exe” /TOGGLE:\\NAS\BACKUP

Either add this to Directory Opus or simply create a shortcut on your desktop to lock/unlock the folder.