Directory Opus 12 DLL loading causes control panel slow start


Consider following scenario on Windows 10 x64:

  1. You have newest opus installed
  2. You right click on Start Menu and click on "Program's and Features"
  3. It takes around 6-8s for control panel to open when opus is set to "replace explorator for all file types"

When the above setting is disabled, opus does not interfere with launching control panel and there's no delay.

The delay is likely caused by loading of some opus DLL when launching control panel.

Please fix this.

It opens instantly here.

Make sure the dopus.exe process is not running as administrator, as that will block things from the shell from being able to communicate with it. See here.

If it was not running as admin, could your antivirus be involved? Or any other shell extensions? Using ShellExView or Autoruns to check what else is installed, or Process Monitor to see which actions happen during the delay, may shine a light on what is happening.

Hmmm, will investigate closer
Meanwhile video:

I did some more investigation before, i even tried debugging which WINAPI Calls might be causing this.. but didn't work out.
It looks like when i click on button:

  1. control.exe is spawned and it hangs for while (mentioned 5-6s)
  2. When it finishes hanging, dopussrt.exe is spawned and control.exe is killed and replaced with something

It looks like opus.

I disabled all non-microsoft entries on shell extensions and left opus only result: delay present
I disabled all shell extensions, together with opus extensions: no delay.


Ok, it's Kaspersky Antivirus hooking engine causing problems with your ShellExecute hook.
When the kaspersky is fully uninstalled it works instantly, can you confirm this with your local kaspersky installation and notify them to fix this?

We don't have a "local kaspersky installation", it's not a standard part of Windows :slight_smile:

You'll need to contact Kaspersky and report this problem in their software (or just set it to ignore Opus if you can).

If one's using free AV software there is no reason to stick 100% with Kaspersky for good old times sake, or anything else in this sense. There are whole bunch of good solutions outthere and they should be checked before decision, through the sites like this:

For example I run Bitdefender since it proved to be optimum in detection/performance and I bought it. If I'd noticed before that it does not support DOpus, I wouldn't bought it but would try other solutions as well. Right now I just need to wait until the license expires.