Directory Opus

Hi Folks,

We've just completed a minor update for Directory Opus 8 to version

This update is free for all registered users.

New Features:

  • Opus icon handling is now asynchronous to the file display. Unless Generic Icons are set in Preferences – Folders – Options – Display Generic icons, generic icons are displayed initially for speed then are progressively updated with icon images from the files.


  • Fixed pink artifact that would appear on mouse over for borderless buttons in transparent floating toolbars for images with alpha channels.

  • Fixed problems with Play QUIET switch (only support WAVs and would sometimes not play the whole file).

To update, please download the current version from the download page on our web site and then just reinstall over the top of your current Directory Opus 8 installation.

Regards, Dr Greg Perry
GPSoftware, PO Box 570, Ashgrove, Qld Australia Ph/fax +617 33661402