Directory Opus

For Registered Users: To address some issues raised in response to feedback from users, a minor update is now available for download from the GPSoftware website:

Changes May 4, 2005

  • Fixed issues with garbage characters in URL links in check for update in Unicode Version

  • Fixed anomaly with Print Folder to Clipboard in ANSI version.

Changes May 9, 2005

  • Fixed anomaly with descript.ion where accessing very large description files with thousands of entries could cause issues if aborted before the file was fully read.

  • Added two new registry variables to allow specific tailoring of behavior when copying file and folder timestamps to mimic the behavior of Windows Explorer. When copying files, Opus is designed to make an exact copy of the file in the destination including, optionally, attributes and timestamps as defined in Preferences – File Operations – Preserve settings of copied files. WARNING: These are highly specialized time functions for experienced users only. We DO NOT RECOMMEND the use of these keys except in very specific circumstances by highly advanced users. See PDF installed with the program for further details.