Directory Opus

A minor update for Directory Opus is now available for download from the GP Software website.

Changes in

  • Fixed problem with 'Full' Progress dialog to handle large icon sizes greater than 32x32
  • The Select PATTERN command now works as expected with three character filenames (that is, when the filename is given as an argument to the command)
  • Fixed problem with Duplicate File Finder not always selected all files correctly in delete mode. Also added 'Select' button to allow the files to be reselected at any time.
  • Cursor down in an icon mode Lister with only one file now selects that file (Explorer compatibility)
  • The labels of Go FOLDERCONTENT buttons now respect the settings in the parent button
  • The Filetype CONTEXTMENU CONTEXTOPTIONS=windowsonly command now works correctly in the Folder Tree
  • The 'Set this Description for files within selected folders' option now works in the Set Description command
  • Favorites in the Folder Tree now work even if no Favorite folders are in the top level of the Favorites list
  • The Images drop-list is now sorted in the Folder Options dialog
  • The Default Lister no longer defaults to opening in Details mode - it now opens in the mode set in the Custom folder format
  • The Go TABCLOSE command can now accept the PATH argument to close any tabs showing a specific path. The path can also accept wildcards (eg Go TABCLOSE PATH=C:\* to close any tabs showing folders on C: )
  • File commands that can accept a destination path on the command line (eg Copy TO=xxx) can now use the name of an FTP site entry as a destination folder. You must prefix the site name with a @ symbol. For example, for an FTP Site entry called 'myftp', you would specify Copy TO=@myftp.
  • The bug fixed in - "When the Lister search field is displayed, Opus now compensates for any change in position when it closes due to a mouse click on the file display" - is now fixed for single-click mode as well.
  • Fixed problem where any Delete or Clipboard commands on the toolbar could be disabled incorrectly when navigating from My Computer to a drive in the Folder Tree
  • Fixed "error 302" when downloading images from Flickr during synchronization (Flickr changed their API!)
  • The 'Shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes' option now waits for any running functions to complete before closing
  • Drag & Drop from Outlook Express & Windows Mail now works. Also, drag & drop of attachments from Lotus Notes now works.
  • The slide-out navigation buttons now work properly in the icon modes
  • When file extensions are hidden, inline rename no longer treats a . in the stem of a filename as representing the suffix