Directory Opus

A minor update for Directory Opus is now available for download from the GP Software website.

Changes in

  • PDF metadata now works again
  • In the RAR plugin, further improved support both for encrypted files and encrypted archives
  • Made more changes which seem to have fixed the long-standing issues surrounding custom icons (eg IconPackager). The "support_custom_icons" advanced option has been removed as this is no longer necessary - custom icon sets should now always work as they do in Explorer. This should have also fixed the problem a couple of people were having where the Flickr collection icon was appearing for unregistered filetypes.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when identifying photos in Flickr synchronization. Also the identification process should be quicker than previously.
  • Clicking on an already selected file in Details mode did not correctly deselect all other files unless the click was on the actual filename (ie, if it was on the icon, or on the rest of the row in full-row select mode)
  • Desktop double-click now works when the desktop icons are hidden
  • Right-click on an already-selected file in any of the Icon modes now correctly gives it the focus
  • The Copy CREATEFOLDER and HERE arguments now work properly in conjunction with the EXTRACT argument.
  • Built-in alias names in Preferences / Favorites / Aliases can no longer be edited
  • The "Load all thumbnails automatically" option is now respected when switching to Flat View mode in Thumbnails mode
  • When in the root of a network server, the path field now correctly shows the \\ in front of the server name
  • Fixed two small Full-Screen issues with the standalone viewer and viewer plugins that disallow full-screen mode