Directory Opus become uselessly slow after installing Falls Creators Update

Not very likely :frowning_face: I have had that installed on 02.10 so if that would do any good here it would have already manifested. I'll start the not so fast but much more furious task of checking each config setting manually. Hmm, it seems I'm getting desperate...

EDIT: Now that's interesting.

I've two Fields checked in Display > Fields. Current sort field and Extension (dirs). As soon as I unchecked those two, Opus instantly became snappier. Not as fast as it was, but definitely quicker. What's even funnier, it seems to be gradual. Unchecking only one of them only makes it slightly faster. Restoring the Fields page to its default (regardless of the fact that I had made changes to no other items there ) will make it even faster.

Restoring defaults to Display > Colors and Fonts too gets Opus back to (almost) normal. There's' one item there that makes a rather significant difference: Files and folders - System. Disabling/enabling that has a drastic effect on eg. scrolling, that is, holding down arrow keys and waiting for the repeat to kick in. Traversing through 23 items in a folder having system files present with that setting disabled takes <1.5 seconds. The same having it enabled it takes >3 seconds and feels pretty sluggish.

I can live with the two Fields settings disabled. However, I'd rather not have my system file/folder coloring lost to this issue. Any hints on what could be done to keep both the speed and the coloring?

I dreaded to update Opus to 12.9 but did it to end this misery once and fore all. It was a success, in some sense. After living for months with an Opus that was not the fastest snail in the drawer (and not even the second one), my snail had decided to draw its last breath and die silently. Well, not that silently, I'm sure I was cussing pretty loud and clear.

it seems that I had finally nailed that 365 bytes of the darned lazy bastard. I've spent hours to scribe down each and every detail in both Preferences and Customize and rebuilt my settings inch by inch (or to be more precise, in snail terms, foot by foot). The stuff was lightning fast almost till the end. Right after I imported my last custom toolbar, it dropped dead. As soon as I removed the command Go > Drive List from the toolbar, Opus woke up, noticed that "Hey, I'm late" and went back to "I'm pretty fast, ain't I, huhh?" I've reproduced the effect a dozen times to be sure, and it's definitely that one, which caused my nightmares. Right now, it must be halfway to the Moon (at least it was flung that direction), and I hope to never see it again

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Drive List.

Is the Computer folder in Opus also causing slowdown, or flickering, or anything else unusual when you go to it?

Or anything else that displays the list of drives, such ss the Computer branch in the folder tree?

I don't have a folder called Computer, but I do have one named This PC, the one where I get going one level up from the root of any lettered drive. That one is fast as well, no flickering or slowdowns.

I don't usually use the folder tree but I tried it this time. It does take a couple of seconds until it gets fully populated when I open the tree in a folder several levels ( >8 ) deep, but that does not seem to be out of order. It also does not get unresponsive during reading the tree as it did before when switching from one lister to another, or between two tabs in the same lister.