Directory Opus changes itself?

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but several searches did not reveal an answer.

I've noticed since upgrading from 6 to 8, that I periodically receive a message from my firewall to the extent that the directory opus program has changed and wants to access the internet. This is while I'm using it for some operation, sometimes when I'm not even on-line to the internet.

Any ideas what's going on? Is the program really changing itself? I did not notice this behavior under DOPUS 6.


The Opus program files should not change unless you install an update or have a virus (or the firewall has a bug).

Are you using Sygate's Personal Firewall? That's the firewall I use, and I have noticed a bug. Sometimes, if you get a dialog like that, and click "No" to deny access, the setting doesn't "stick" even if it did before the "change". The workaround is to click "Yes" to allow access for the changed program and then disable access for the program through the "Applications" dialog of the firewall. Assuming, of course, that you do want to disable access.


Thanks chriscrutch.

Yes I am using sygate. Just thought it was weird that it would recognize the program as "changed", when this is the only version I've used since the upgrade from 6. I'll try your suggestion.


I agree. It's odd, but even six months after I installed SP2 on my XP machine, I was still getting messages from Sygate about some generic Windows system app that changed. Who knows?

Hope the irritation is gone now.


I'm sure most of these firewalls cause more problems than they solve. :slight_smile: