Directory Opus Columns vs Windows File Explorer Columns

From what I have read somewhere, there are some lister columns which are native to Directory Opus software and are not available in Windows File Explorer. At the same time, there are many other columns which are available in both.

To the best of my understanding, Description is one such column available in both. As I have never used any columns apart from filename and extension organized across folders and sub folders, I will like to know more about columns which are

  1. Directory Opus native columns adding value to managing files.
  2. Windows columns available in Directory Opus.

If I use Windows columns available in Directory Opus also from within Directory Opus, do these columns become available when I view these files on some machine where Directory Opus is not available.

Also, what happens and how the native columns are handled when I open files for which I have used Directory Opus native columns on some machine where Directory Opus is not available.

Explorer may also have a column named "Description" but it isn't the same (displays different information) as the Description column in Opus.

You can import Explorer's columns into Opus if you find one there which is useful and doesn't exist in Opus natively.

There isn't a way to do the opposite and import an Opus column into Explorer.

Good to know that "Description" is different column in Directory Opus from File Explorer. I thought it was same.

Two questions arise due to above.

On that, is there any document which lists all Directory Opus Columns available as part of its default installation and also points out if they are same as File Explorer columns or not ? List of all default File Explorer Columns also if documented and available somewhere will be helpful.

How do I import a File Explorer column in Directory Opus using a script?

I think you're making this more complicated than it needs to be. What most of the columns do is fairly self-evident, especially in Opus where they are grouped by category.

If you have questions about particular columns, feel free to ask, but otherwise just look through the columns and see what information they show for different files.

Whether Explorer has equivalents for every column in Opus I could not tell you, as I don't use Explorer much.

For importing shell columns into Opus:!Documents/Scripting/Adding_a_new_Column_from_Shell_Properties.htm

There are some examples here on the forum: