Directory Opus completely breaks Dropbox!

PLEASE do actual testing to make sure that Directory Opus works with Dropbox.
I had to completely uninstall Directory Opus because Dropbox sync and right-click were both completely broken!
With dropbox in normal Windows file browser, right click on a folder under dropbox and there is a dropbox option to Share - which shows who the folder is currently shared with and you can easily invite more people to the same folder.
Directory Opus 100% breaks this.

Please test this scenario for every release and fix this ASAP - otherwise I want my money back.

Bryan - 30+ year software developer and systems architect

I use Dropbox and all context menus are shown for me (and work as expected):


Then maybe I need to uninstall/reinstall both Dropbox and Directory Opus.
Do you have a recommended order to install?
I have several other applications that also update file icons - perhaps Windows ran out of icons - I have heard that this is a windows limitation

I can't see how the installation order would matter.

Do the context menus show up if you hold the Shift key down when right-clicking? If so, you may have Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus turned on.

Also check Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: ignore_context_menus to see if the Dropbox shell extension is blocked (its GUID is {ECD97DE5-3C8F-4ACB-AEEE-CCAB78F7711C}).

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