Directory Opus crashing when moving folders

I have windows 7 in 64 bit
I have the latest version 10.2.0 at 64 bit and I use it in 3 colum mode.
In oder to create a copy from an existing subdirectory including its files I always copy the directory from right to middle window.
Then I go to the copied subdir and rename this subdir into the name for the new sudir
After that I move the new dubdirectory from middle to the right window.
And at that moment directory opus crashes.
It even blocks other programs and the only way to solve is to give a hard reset.
After startup, the newx directory is available as I wanted it. So what I tried to do worked, but my pc needed a restart

Is this a bug, or is it me ?


Crashes in what way? Does the program actually get killed or does it lock up?

If it has actually crashed and been killed then it can't be blocking other things from doing things, but whatever is doing the blocking may be what caused the crash. (e.g. A filesystem or antivirus problem may exhibit itself in that way.)

By the way, you can use the Duplicate command (in the Copy Files button/menu by default) to do what you are doing in one step.

The screen fades away and I can not even close the application.
When I go to other open application they also freeze.

The problem occurred again 15 minutes ago. So, I gave a hard rest.
Now it works again, and duplicate also works.
It will certainly happen again, but I cant simulate at this stage.

You can close the topic Leo.

Except one quick question: what are your plans on supporting windows 8 ??

If it happens again, see the suggestions in Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories and the other topics it links to.

Re Windows 8, it's already supported, unofficially and once the retail release happens it will be official. People are using Opus on Windows 8 already. (Please ask unrelated questions in separate threads.)