Directory Opus does not remember Lister Display Mode?

I'm using Directory Opus, and I've noticed many times that, although it always remembers my default Lister, it often does not remember my default Lister Display Mode.
Default Lister: Explorer
Default Lister Display Mode: Details

Example: If I open 'My Computer', then click on 'images' tab, then close Directory Opus, when I re-open 'My Computer' the Lister Display Mode is now 'thumbnails', which is the default display mode for the 'images' tab. If I click again on the 'Explorer' tab, it reverts to the details display mode.
Is this a bug?
Or is there a way to set default Lister Display Mode as well as default Lister (which it DOES remember each time).
Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance..!

If you don't want the Explorer style to change the view mode then you should edit the Style (via Preferences) and untick View Mode for both the Left and Right file displays.

Thanks, but that didn't work...

The thing is I WANT the Explorer view mode to ALWAYS be set to 'Details'.

But if I switch over to the Images tab (whose default view mode is thumbnails) and then close Directory Opus, the next time I open 'My Computer' the view mode is now 'Thumbnails.'

See attached pics for clarification...

How do I keep the view mode in my Explorer tab from changing? Or rather, how do I get it to open in 'Details' mode every time?

Sorry about the pic order - I sisn't know how they would appear - the correct order is from bottom to top....also I attached text for each attachment, but it doesn't show up...?

The display for virtual folders like "My Computer" is provided to Opus by Windows - it's not an Opus thumbnails mode - it's Windows Explorer's built in display mode you're seeing here.

In all honesty, I don't think you're understanding the issue.

If you please, open your Directory Opus (for which I'm sure you're default display mode is NOT thumbnails).

Now click on 'Images' tab.

Now close Directory Opus altogether.

Now reopen.

Do you see?

It's because you are showing MY COMPUTER - when you do so it doesn't matter what you have set in Opus - the display is provided by Windows. I cannot make it any clearer.

(Just for the record I do not have an Images style, nor any of the default styles - in fact I don't even show the styles tab bar.)

Okay, I see what you're saying, since if I open My Documents (default display mode 'Details') then go to Images, then close Directory Opus, then open 'My Documents again, the display mode is 'Details' as it should be.
So I kind of see your point...

But what doesn't make sense is you say that Directory Opus doesn't remember the display mode of My Computer because Windows provides the display mode...but this is an issue that Windows Explorer does not have. If I open 'My Computer' in Explorer (set to Details mode), then go to My Videos (set to Thumbnails mode), then close Explorer, then open My Computer again, the display mode is Details, as it should be.

So Windows tells Directory Opus to revert to the last display mode when opening 'My Computer' although its own Explorer remembers it?

If it's a bug, I'll accept that, I just don't get your explanation...

Its not a bug - Opus just asks windows for the my computer virtual folder and displays what its given.

Are you strictly talking about the My Computer view? If so and if you make changes to the view (for example to change it to tiles mode) if you immediately exit Opus then and restart it, then Opus should display My Computer in the view you last set it in.

I think that's about all you can do to My Computer though.