Directory Opus forgets locked tabs?

Hi there,

I have been testing out Directory Opus, and it looks promising, but there is one issue I am not able to solve myself:

I created a view with two panels side by side.
For each panel I created a couple of tabs for folders that I frequently use.
Then I locked each and every tab for both panes.

But when I close Directory Opus, and open it again by e.g. clicking on a folder on my desktop, all my carefully setup and locked tabs are gone.

I went through the configuration settings multiple times, but I can't find what setting affects this.

What am I doing wrong?

Use Settings > Set as Default Lister if you want to save a specific tab setup as the default.

You can also save a list of tabs as a Folder Tab Group which you can load and save into existing windows any time you want to load or revert to a particular setup. Layouts and Styles can also be used if you want to change other details, or open multiple windows, at the same time.

You'll probably also want to turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window.

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Wow, you are fast :wink:

I tried that, but then only the tabs on the right panel remain, but the ones in the left pane are still removed and replaced by the newly opened folder.

(I'll now check what else you explained…)

It looks like that solved it.
I probably overlooked that setting because it was on the bottom of that configuration panel, and my eyes are a bit tired after going through the plethora of options.

Thanks a lot for the fast reply and solution!
Great software, great support.