Directory Opus Helper Application Causing Chrome Lag

Good morning!

So I've been having weird issues with Chrome lately that have been driving me crazy. So I decided to do some debugging of my system to figure out what the culprit was.

What's happening is in Chrome, whenever there's an animated GIF or video playing I was noticing stuttering and freezing whenever I moved the mouse. If I ran the mouse in continuous circles, I could actually completely freeze the image until I stopped moving the mouse. The audio would play fine, just the video would freeze.

I disabled every windows startup item and managed to make the issue stop, so I began turning each startup on one by one and rebooting.

In the process I discovered that Directory Opus was the culprit, so I went on to do some more testing.

I was able to turn all my startup items back on, with exception to Directory Opus and the issue completely went away.

When I launch Directory Opus manually, the issue comes right back. After closing out of Directory Opus, the issue remained.

It wasn't until I task killed the 'Directory Opus Helper Application' (with the Directory Opus window still open) that everything returned to normal.

Seems this helper application is causing some grief with Google Chrome. It doesn't affect any other program or web browser that I've tried (including Edge, Firefox or Opera). I've also tried disabling my only two browser extensions to no avail.

I'm using Opus 12.10 x64

After doing a bit of searching, if I turn the Desktop Double Click feature off and reboot, the issue goes away as well. Definitely seems to something that helper application is doing, or how it's polling.

It installs a mouse hook to handle desktop double click, but Chrome must be doing something weird for it to be affected (when nothing else is, or has been in many, many years that code has remained unchanged).

It may be due to Chrome's recent attempts to block third party code from loading into their process. Maybe something is going wrong with how they do that. it could also involve antivirus or mouse drivers.

I'm certainly not noticing any issues here in two machines which both have Chrome and desktop double-click enabled, so there is probably an additional factor involved.