Directory opus hiding certain files

I have a directory that contains various files of sheet music. The file extension is "mscz" (not sure if that's relevant).

If I use DO to look in the directory that holds the sheet music files, MANY (but not all) of the files are hidden.

If I "reveal" the hidden files in DO, there is nothing obvious about the file names that would make them hidden in DO.

The files hidden in DO are not hidden if I look at the directory using Windows Explorer.

I've looked at my DO global filters (see pic) and I don't see anything obvious that would hide them. But I'm wondering if there is some filter setting that I have forgotten about that is hiding these files.

Any thoughts on what setting is hiding some of my files?


edit: Also, I can place the hidden files in other directories and they are still hidden, so whatever is hiding them is something "global."

edit2: I'm using DO 12 version 12.22 x64 Build 7593

The files have ghosted icons so they probably have their Hidden attributes set, and Opus is probably configured to hide hidden files.

Turn on the Attr (Attributes) column and you should see 'h' in the list of attributes for the hidden files. You can clear it via the right-click > Properties dialog.

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That was it!

Thank you.