Directory Opus "license expired" message

Hi guys

2 weeks ago, my copy of Directory Opus ceases to work (even though I purchased a single-user license that should never expire).

The message I got said the license has expired.

I have written 3 mails so far regarding this issue to the following addresses, asking for support, without getting a reply:
''; ''; ''

The on-line form didn't work, because the system doesn't recognize my Registration Code.

What should I in order to get my copy of DOpus functional again?

Thank you,

If you send me a private message ("PM" button below this text) with your registration code and the email address you sent the messages from, I'll get in touch with GPSoftware to see if they can find the messages.

Don't put those details in a public reply, of course!

Could be some anti-spam filtering or something. Seems odd for the online form to not recognise your code, though.

Do you know where the code was purchased from? GPSoftware themselves or another site?

Did you install the registration file after purchasing it? When the Licence Manager appears what "Type" does it say the licence is? By the sound of it it thinks you're using a Stock or Evaluation licence (as they're the only kind which will expire).

BTW, if you use Zone Alarm it can get in the way of installing the licence.

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Hi Leo

Just sent you a PM with the details you asked for.

I think the code was purchased directly from GPsoft, since the mail I received with the registration data was from evalserver[at], and signed by:

Dr. Greg Perry

I installed the code immediately after receiving it (It was on July 1st 2008 and worked perfectly since then)
It says I am using a Stock Certificate.
I don't have Zone Alarm.

Thank you for your help

Since it says you're using the stock certificate... this means applying the license didn't "take". What happens if you try re-applying the license? Are you logged in as an admin or non-admin user when you apply the license?

From the private message, the cert you're trying to apply is an Evaluation certificate that expired in 2008 and which Opus won't allow you to install now (leaving you with whichever cert was in use before, presumably the stock one with 30 day expiry).

Are you sure you've been trying with the right certificate and not another one that was emailed to you?