Directory Opus Lister Close Suddenly

Hi: :slight_smile:
I was work with Directory Opus 9 over Windows XP SP1, withou any problems type. But, my O.S. (2 years older) say "goodbye", then... I backup my personal config, later install Windows XP SP2, Install Directory Opus, Recover my personal configuration... but... sorprise Directory Opus, now CLOSE suddenly, close my lister, close icon of tray bar.
I press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and see in the Task Manager, then look the file dopusrt.exe in the only found Opus relative.
Apparently the program closes always after a same time, but this is not yet verified.
Make double click on desktop, I have again my lister and tray bar icon (only for one time), and this repeat continosly.
Obviously this is very bother, if someone can help me I thank very much. Thanks
Sorry for my poor english. :frowning:

Why only answer "some"questions... ? my question don't is important ? :frowning:

Hi Seymour, see the discussion in [Strange behavior in DOpus - maybe you have a similar problem.

OK, try this. Very Thanks. :slight_smile: (to be continued).