Directory Opus not a correct CMYK view photo

Not correct in what sense?

it means cymk picture not proper view...blackist photo show in thumbnil

You will need to be more specific, I'm afraid. I'm not sure what "blackist photo" means.

There are many ways in which an image could not properly display:

  • Is the image data corrupt?
  • Is it all black? As in an entirely black square with every pixel RGB(0,0,0).
  • Is it the right image data, but darker than you expect?
  • Is color correction not being applied, or not being applied as you expect it to be?
  • Are the colors completely messed up (e.g. all the reds are blue, blues are green, greens are red)?
  • Or something else?

[I've split Apocalypse's posts about [url=]PNG images created by irfanview screenshot tool[/url] as they are unrelated.]

Photo will show nagative style...

Please provide a screenshot and example image file if you want us to look at this.

Also please link your account.

how to get screenshot or example image ????

To upload images to the forum:

[ul][li]Click Full Editor & Preview if you are looking at the Quick Reply box.
[li]Click Attachments.
[li]Click Add Files.[/li][/ul]
To take a screenshot (from Taking a screen capture):

[ul][li]Hold the Windows key and push the Print Screen (PrtScn) key to take a screenshot of your desktop.
[li]The file will be saved below your profile folder (the one with your name), under Pictures\Screenshots.
[li]You can crop the file using an image editor if you don't want the whole desktop.[/li][/ul]
If you make a screenshot, please include the image looking wrong in Opus next to something else displaying it correctly, so we can compare the two and be sure we know what to look for.

We will also need a copy of the image itself, the one that is displaying incorrectly on your machine, so we can try to repeat what you are seeing and in case we need to investigate why that particular image is causing a problem.

I am sending SCREENSHOT

Please zip and attach Aarav.jpg as well.

it means...i am not understand

We need a copy of Aarav.jpg (or any other file you are seeing the problem with).

Please upload a copy of the file.

it means if in jpg file RGB format. its ok preview but cmyk format is look like nagative.

Pl Solve the problem....

[quote="jon"]Please provide a screenshot and example image file if you want us to look at this.

Also please link your account.[/quote][quote="vrajresh"]Pl Solve the problem....[/quote]

You are more apt to get more help if you link your account as requested.

i will provide above screen shot and file pl help what i many problem faces....i am not show cmyk jpg file in correct view

Please be patient. This will take some research & development work to solve, which we could only start once we had the sample image to work with. We're also very busy getting Opus 12 ready currently, which may delay things.

I can confirm that the image is not displayed properly, but also that loading it into Photoshop and simply re-saving it produces a new image which is displayed correctly and still uses CMYK, so I don't think it is CMYK itself (nor is it color correction / color profiles, as both versions of the image have the same ones).

From my initial look today, it looks like the key factor is the ColorTransform mode inside the image, but that's yet to be confirmed. I have a feeling I know what's wrong, but need to spend more time on it.

For now, if you re-save the images in Photoshop (or probably similar tools) it appears to make them work.

ok...Sir if re-save in photoshop file preview ok...but i will use most if create in corel cmyk jpg don't show i am waiting update

We have written a fix for this which will be in the next updates (12.0.5 beta will probably be the first release with it in, but it will also be in any future 11.x updates when they come out).

12.0.5 beta with the fix is available now.