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Directory Opus on Amiga


i also found some older Screenshots :wink:^^
(all without GFX-Card of course)

of course both with Dopus Magellan





[quote="Blisset"]Last time I used Amiga was 1994, in the Jurassic.

But I can't believe anyone uses prehistoric Amiga today in 2007.[/quote]

My game console is an A600 with HD. Playability - priceless :slight_smile:



If my memory serves me correctly, didn't Opus author Jonathon Potter write a very good word processor for the Amiga called Kindwords?


I don't know who wrote Kindwords but it wasn't Jon. :slight_smile:


My mistake Nudel, on firing up my old A500, Kindwords was written by a guy called Ian Potts. Not much similarity really. I think I was having a senior moment! :laughing:


A certain somebody once wrote a program called GPFax. Three guesses who that could be? I just happened to stumble on a license laying around in a box of Amiga stuff somewhere.


Finding this website and then this thread made me nostalgic about the Amiga again. No platform has still come to match the intuitiveness and elegance that Amiga OS and offered packages like AmIRC, YAM, DPaint/PPaint/Brilliance etc. DOpus Magellen was a key tool too which I also owned.

I use OSX and Windows now, OSX to me is the closest thing to a 'successor' to Amiga OS (UNIX-based tech. at core, seamless Shell/GUI integration, Datatype-like concepts, etc). But still I miss the Miggy days.

Those who dismissed it as something of the past obviously never really knew it, modern OS's still have lessons they could learn from AmigaOS and its developers.

But yeah its cool to see DOpus still around and still being supported!


This was Workbench on my Amiga 4060, some thirteen years ago. Despite being a scene coder, I hand-fixed even the WB font (I think it was Espi Sans, ripped from a Mac) pixel by pixel to perfection, or at least up to my standards... :wink:


The latest version of Directory Opus for Amiga (DOpus Magellan II) is now available for free in AmiKit package:
Permission granted by GPSoftware. Thank you!


Memories indeed... I wish I could get my Windows 7 look a little bit like this... just to have the old good atmosphere.. when everything felt like a nice community.
Dont get me started with my memories... will be one zillion pages about workbench, demoparties, games, programms, amiga 500, 2000, 3000, 1200.. etc etc ^^

Anyway... To have Dopus under Windows let me feel somehow happy to have a little piece of the glory days running on my pc ^^


As someone who did a lot of programming on the Amiga (C/ASM), I miss tools like NGI and PowerWindows. NGI was a godsend! It allowed you to take an image and convert it to C/ASM/Basic/Modula-2 source code. So that you could compile it directly into the program and still make it viewable. It made the image smaller because it was now text basically. So, you could have not only images but your music (ala - soundtracker/noisetracker etc.) directly compiled into your program executable. PowerWindows was nice as it would let you visually create a "window" with all it's "artifacts? and it would generate the C/ASM/Modula-2/Basic source code for it for you. Both these tools made development go quicker and more efficient.

Now you can do something similar as NGI with Java converting an binary image into a byte array (which also works for PDF's etc... any binary will work). I've done this many times.