Directory Opus - 'Right clicking' problem


I've been using DOpus for years now and all of a sudden I've encountered a strange problem...

When right clicking on movie files, instead of the menu pop up... An 'unknown error' occurs and says that the program will now close...

Right clicking on folders, picture and music files is fine...But if it's a movie file it will crash EVERY time.. What's going on? I've cleared out my temp folders and windows explorer is fine... Virus check turned up nothing. I've re-installed it too.

Can anyone help?


OK, I figured part of it out at least...Somthing is causing a problem with the context menus...I believe it to be Napster (It's added quite a few options to the context menu)..

If I upgrade to Dopus 8, do you think it will solve the problem? Currently have 6.2.


Context menu handling in Opus 8 is greatly improved, so there's a fair chance it would fix it. You could always try it and see!


Thanks for the reply..

I forgot I could download the latest version as a trial :slight_smile:

I did and there's good and bad news... Bad news is there is still an error.. Good news is that instead of the end program box.. It now says (more or less) do I want to carry on regardless (was that a film?) If I click yes, it ignores the error and coninues with what I asked it to do...

The menus seem ok, something may be missing (again, deffinitely Napster related - Might just get rid of that).

Thanks again