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Directory Opus: The "Other Manual"

It's me again. :slight_smile: Any how, I was doing some researching today for potential jobs, and I decided to look what's new with DOpus. Low and behold, a new version was out, so I downloaded and installed it. Then I continued my research, then I, somehow, came across the Directory Opus Tips &Tricks website, and boy, that had allot of information I could really use, so I book marked it. As I was reading the comments, someone requested to have "Directory Opus: The "Other Manual"" in a PDF file, I went looking all over that site and couldn't find it. Can anyone tell me where I can get : Directory Opus: The "Other Manual" in a PDF format? Between the "Official Manual" and the "Other Manual", I should have a better understanding of how to configure DOpus. I would appreciate any and all help.
Thank You. :sunglasses:

Simply print to pdf. I You will find that it formats quite well.

Really? Will it catch the other pages as well or do I have to print each page by page?

Guess you could ask playful. :wink:
[url]Opus: "The Other Manual"]