Directory Opus TSR?

When Directory Opus is closed why does it remain in memory. Is there any way to prevent this TSR behavior.

  1. Start Directory Opus
  2. Close Directory Opus
  4. Directory Opus listed as memory resident

When you close an Opus window you are just closing the window, not the whole program.

To close the program, use the Exit command which is in the File menu and the tray icon menu.

Opus stays in memory for various reasons. The main reason is because it's intended that people open and close lister windows as needed and it's a lot quicker if the program is running and waiting already whenever you need to open a new window. Opus also does things like system-wide hotkeys and floating toolbars and offers external programs the ability to call it via scripts which all mean it needs to stay around.

It's the same way that Explorer.exe stays around, really.

There's no real reason to worry about resource usage because Windows will page out the parts of Opus which are not in use, leaving a very tiny amount of extra memory usage which nobody will notice these days.

But when you want Opus to be gone, use the Exit command.

The Exit command was not under my default File menu; I had to add it manually.

John Land

Oh, you're right, it's not on the default File menu. I think it's in the tray icon menu by default. As you say, you can put it wherever you want (including on a toolbar for more direct access).