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Directory Opus Vista Power Icons

by Cris van Minnen

Installing: (15.1 KB)

  • Opus 9 and above:

    1. Download the attached .zip file
    2. Extract DOpusVistaPower.dis
    3. In Directory Opus, open Settings Menu - Preferences
    4. In Preferences, go to Display - Toolbar Icons
    5. Click on the Import button (disk with up arrow), or press <Alt>+<M>
    6. Browse to and select the DOpusVistaPower.dis file, and click Open
  • Directory Opus 8:

    1. Rename the file DOpusVistaPower.dis to
    2. Unzip the file to the Directory Opus "Images" directory.

The Icons look much better if you disable the highlighting effect:

  • Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Display -> Toolbars
  • Set Image highlighting effect to None


Can I use these icons in XP? I installed your Vista set 2 already, it works great, however I don't know how to use this set? I.e. it does not appear in the DO9 windows.

Can you help me?
The installation is correct however how to show the icon in the DO9 windows?

PS: I am new to DO9

They should work on XP, yes.

What are you expecting to see that isn't happening? Do they appear in the list after importing them?

This icon set doesn't replace any standard icons and instead just adds new ones.
To use them with your toolbar-buttons, you have to edit the buttons manually: