Directory Opus Zip Context -Menu: Add buttons


is it possible to add some buttons to the Diretory Opus Zip context menu?


I don't think you can, but you should be able to turn off the menu and then re-create it manually, and then add anything else that you want.

If you do decide to recreate them, you can use %2 in menu item labels to insert the selected file's name, excluding the extension. (Useful for menu items like Add To "")

Hm, works, BUT the Dopus Zip Context changes wheter it's an ZIP-Archiv or not. And as far as I know there no option for a context menu like "display it for every file EXCEPT *.zip", or?

You're right, I don't think there's a way around that. You can add the Extract options so that they only show for Zip files, but there isn't a way, that I know of, to exclude the manually-created Add options from Zip files. (So you end up with options offering to add a zip to a zip.)

Probably best way to handle this would be for a feature enhancement to the File Type Groups that let us specify 'exclusion' members... so you could set up a group that contained something like . as well as !.zip or something along those lines...