Directory Refresh not working DOpus 10

DOpus 10 on Win 7 64x. I am running DOpus in dual horizontal mode, Details View and when I download a file, the directory listing in DOpus 10 does not refresh automatically.

I tried Power Mode (PM) and auto refresh seems to work fine in that mode, but PM doesn't work well for me because it doesn't allow for hovering over a file to select it (OK I can live with that and retrain myself to click to select) but PM also makes it too easy to select multiple files by simply dragging the cursor over the list and also confounds me by not releasing a previously selected file(s) when I click to select another file even when I am not holding the Ctrl key. So in PM, I end up selecting (or leaving selected) files I don't want to delete or move, etc. You can imagine the carnage. :wink:

If I must use PM to get directory auto refresh, is there a way to turn off "multiple select" so that it isn't so easy to select multiple adjacent files and so that I have to once again use the Ctrl or Shft keys to multi select as I do in Detail Mode? That would pretty much solve my problem with PM although I will miss "hover to select".

To tell the truth, trying to get auto refresh working again in Details View is pretty much the sole reason I updated from v9 to v10. Well that and to support you guys and a great program; I do want you guys to stay in business and keep this great software updated and I know buying newer versions is one way I can help with that.

I can't think why this would be different betweeb the two modes, unless you've accidentally turned on the option to not sort new files (not sure if that affects power mode or not) or you arenot looking at the same folders and doing the same actions in each mode...

Anyway, go through the steps in the FAQ on file changes not being detected and see what that reveals.

Hmm .... I just tried it again and it seems to be working perfectly. I wonder what the issue was? Well, thanks. Hopefully it won't start acting up again. I did go into preferences today and set DOpus up so that when I clicked on the "Date Modified" bar in the lister, the file list would sort and the newest files would come up to the top by default (reversed sort order). I saw that modification in the forums and decided I would like that a lot. Maybe doing that shook something lose ... anyway, it is working fine now so I'm good.


During the beta cycle I occasionally had this issue but it was simply unreproducible. It SEEMED to affect removable media drives more than fixed hard drives.

Is your target drive in this case a removable one?

If it does act up, this is the FAQ on how to diagnose the problem:

I am having the same problem, fixed drives are also having the problem, no auto refresh on size or relative size even though the Modification date changes when moving files out or into a folder

Folder sizes don't auto-refresh.

Sorry Leo you are of course right