DirectoryOpus 12 & print spooler (Windows 10)


I've just upgraded to dopus 12 (previous version was 11.x) and system became erratic... unable to display all devices on local internet network and, more important, all configured printers have "vanished" from system... Actually, this latter problem relates to print spooler service not running and unable to even manually start such service (windows error 0x800706b9 -> "not enough resources to start service").

Since system was running OK before upgrade, could this problem be anyhow related to dopus 12?

Lastly, after 3-4 hours of reconfiguring computer/windows, still unable to restore print services to a usable state...

Are you seeing that only inside of Opus when printing from Opus, or from everywhere?

Opus doesn't generally have anything to do with printers (unless it is printing things) so it would be strange for it to be what is affecting printers in other programs.