DirOpus background color white for Tagging for Windows lists

I have been using Tagging for Windows ( [https://tagging.connectpaste.com/] ) with Windows Explorer. Now I am trying to use it with DirOpus 12.27. When I select tags or view files based on the tags, the list background turns white (cf. screenshot attached). Where can I change the color to dark color?
2022-05-17 004 screenshot

I just want to add that I know that DirOpus also offers tags, but I still have to figure out how to use them in a way they are really handy for me. So in this context: Can I somehow display a "tree" or structure of tags in the left panel tree view like I can for Tagging for Windows? And can I search for a combination of tags easily? Here I am only beginning to learn how to do that with DirOpus.

That tool works via a Shell Namespace Extension, so the UI it shows within the Opus window isn't something Opus draws; it's entirely down to the tool (and the Windows Shell) how it looks.

(That said, we are working on a method of patching the OS which should make it dark when you want it to be.)

Thank you very much for the reply, maybe it would make sense to contact the developers of that tool? On the other hand I could understand that you are not too much interested in improving their service within your own tool.

That said: Are you going to improve tag handling / system in DirOpus? It would have great potential. Several tagging applications emerged and are still being developed thus showing a significant need for that functionality. But tags should be very simple to apply as well as to query.

What I dearly miss (also with Tagging for Windows: "intelligent" auto-complete of tags. This reduces error (as I can see the tags that are already available) and speed up assignment tremendously. Also direct deletion with an "x" right next to the tag itself would be very helpful.

I think a short page or tutorial how to get most out of the existing tags functionality in DirOpus would be very helpful. Maybe even a video is already available?

You mean I could really hope that you fix this the next days :wink: ? This would be really great!

I just noticed that the whole panel to assign tags with Tagging for Windows is missing...

Is there any way to display it? It allows to assign tags by typing with auto-complete which is already helpful and as far as I know this will even be improved in the future.

If this is not possible right away again I think it could be very beneficial, if you had a direct contact with the developers. They seem to be very friendly and open for suggestions that improve the tool.

Thanks a lot for caring!

That panel isn't part of Opus. Anything within the file display while in the virtual folders provided by that tool is entirely up to the tool, at least as far as I am aware.