Disable dragging into ZIP files?

how can I prevent that when copying/moving a file by dragging a file from a folder of a first Dopus window to another folder in another second Dopus window (where ZIP files are ALSO!) this file - accidentally, because there are many files - ends up in some ZIP file (and not in the actual second folder)?
SHORT: Where can I set in the settings that I can NOT integrate files by (accidentally) dragging them to a ZIP file into this ZIP file?
Thx. a lot!

Quickest remedy is probably to uncheck Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Allow drag and drop into sub-folders (without a qualifier key held down)

Might be a bit too harsh as it applies to normal folders as well.

Hey lxp,
amazingly, it works! - although -> WHILE I can AFTER AS BEFORE drag and drop files in this (subfolder) for copying or moving (which I still have to) without a qualifier key held down - but what actually contradicts the description of the sense of the function (or I have not understood the sense of this function until now) ... but it can be only right for me :wink: .

Do you mean the folder that's loaded into the file display, or one of the sub-folders below that folder?

I always have 2 dopus windows open with at least one lister each and I therefore copy/move the relevant file from one (the 1st) to the other (the 2nd) dopus window. This works now - without the source file from the 1st dopus window being accidentally copied or moved to a ZIP file there in the 2nd target dopus window.

That sounds correct, then. The option is to disable drag & drop into sub-folders/archives, not into the folder itself.

O.K.+Thx. FYI: ... maybe my (German) translation in the program is misleading. It doesn't say anything about "archive", but only: "Allow DragDrop into subfolders (without holding down the indicator key)". A propos: Which key is meant by the indicator key? The control key "Ctrl"?

Archives are treated like subfolders in this case (the same way you can navigate inside them by double-clicking, like a folder).

In English the term is "qualifier key", which means any of Shift / Ctrl / Alt.