Disable dragging shortcuts from address bar completely

Is there a way to disable the function of dragging shortcuts from the address bar completely? I know there is logic blocking dragging into the same folder but my fat fingers keeps dragging them into either the adjacent folders in the breadcrumbs in the address bar or by trying to click on a breadcrumb and accidently dragging it down into the displayed sort by area creating a shortcut in the current source folder that way. It's not a function I need as I am used to using the ALT key modifier for when I want to drag to create a shortcut. Thanks for any suggestions!

Adding dragignoreself to the Breadcrumbs Configuration will prevent drops on other folders in the same path field. (We'll be making configuration of that easier soon.)

There isn't a way to turn off drag & drop entirely.

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Ah that should help a little. I didn't realize dragignoreself disabled the breadcrumb dragging. I thought self meant folder, not the breadcrumb. Have that added now. Thank you Leo. :+1:t4:

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