Disable inline file renaming with two clicks?


is there an option to disable inline file renaming when clicking on a already marked file? (Dopus 9)

In Windows Explorer this is not possible, but I'm hoping dopus can do it. I have searched a lot, but did not find an answer.

Entering inline renaming by clicking on marked files has bugged me since the beginning of time. It requires one more click after a failed double click and F2 does the trick quite fine.


Power Mode offers left-button behaviours which don't use a second click to start inline rename, although that will not affect other modes (e.g. Thumbnails), and the behaviour which is most similar to normal Details mode ("auto-deselect") will instead initiate inline rename if you do long click on a file (i.e. click and hold the button down for a while). Maybe that's still preferable, as it's harder to trigger by accident.

If you're triggering inline rename when intending to double-click, increasing the system double-click time (in the mouse control panel) is worth considering. (That will also increase how long you'd have to hold the mouse button down for Power Mode's "auto-deselect" to start renaming, as well as similar things throughout Opus and Windows itself.)

I have just installed DOpus hoping to finally be rid of the annoying click-to-inline-rename function that Explorer has (and also get a lot of other useful features). But I have also failed to find such a function. I find that weird since DOpus is supposed to have settings for everything that is potentially annoying, unlike Explorer.

Please add a simple switch (or keep it under Advanced if you like) that makes it possible to simply disable any mouse-related inline rename. Being able to configure things like this is the biggest strength of DOpus.

Power Mode lets you reconfigure the mouse buttons, as mentioned above.

Have you found it doesn't offer what you need, or do you need help with how to switch to it and configure it?