Disable lister when showing dialogue


Is there a modifier that would disable lister (owns it) when showing a dialogue? Which means I will not be bale to click\interact with the lister until the dialogue is closed.
I'm using a simple @confirm: message to confirm action.
Also, is it possible to set dialogue icon?


You should not normally need to disable the parent window. Things like the list of selected files are given to your script as a snapshot which will only be updated if the script asks for it, so you should not have to worry about things being changed in the lister, nor prevent the user from using the lister for other things after launching your script.

Cool. But still, is it possible?

Yes, see the script Dialog docs, ctrl-f for "disable" to find the relevant part.

I did not know that was there myself until now.

I think it's disable_window, but I don't know how to use it.
Can anyone post an example?

dlg.disable_window = tab

What does your dialog code look like now?

Is it being called via OnClick or something else?

It's giving an error. I don't really understand this syntax.
I just need a confirmation message that owns the lister.

dlg.disable_window = tab
@confirm:Resize selected images?


@sync:"/home\..\..\ImageMagick\64\convert.exe" "{filepath}" -resize 1000x1000 -background none "{filepath}"

Ah, apologies, my answer applied to scripting. My mistake, given you mentioned @confirm which isn't a scripting thing. I was still thinking about scripting from a previous thread.

I think you would need to use scripting to be able to control whether the parent window is disabled when showing a dialog.

You can use the "Confirm" script addin.
I made it some time ago, coincidentally it seems to prevent clicking the lister behind. o)

To get started more easily, check out the demo button provided, there are lots of usecases to look at.