Disable reversed sort order for "time modified" globally?

I updated from DO9 to DO11, and now i have a problem i can't resolve on my own.

Some of my folders are sorted by time modified (oldest first), and while working i sometimes switch over to sort alphabetically and back again. But in DO11 now the order of time modified is reversed. If i choose "reverse order" in folder options it reverses not only time modified, but the other modes too. So when i switch over to sort alphabetically, the order is wrong - it's either one right and the other wrong, or the other way around, but not both right.

I use other programs with DO regularly (for example Fast Picture Viewer), which sort A->Z or oldest->newest, so now my workflow is broken. :neutral_face: And i'm European, so i'm used have the oldest stuff on top, the newest on the bottom.

Surely there has to be a way to restore the old way of sorting globally, right?

Oh, i think i found a solution. Since i'm using buttons for switching, i modified my buttons. One button has Set SORTBY=name SORTREVERSE=Off, the other Set SORTBY=+modified SORTREVERSE=On. Seems to work. :thumbsup:

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Preferences / Display / Fields is where you can set the default sort order for each field.

(But if you change that, you'll want to change your button back, as they'll cancel each other out if you do both.)

Thanks, Leo, i'll look into that.