Disable Sorting?

I used to have a folder that ran on my second monitor (desktop icons disabled) that would have all of my most ran applications. The window had basically everything except for the icon display disabled (toolbars, menu...). I can almost do the same with dopus, but dopus doesn't allow you to freely arrange your icons in a folder...Is there a way to disable sorting for a folder so that i can freely arrange the icons inside?

I guess it is just one of those more inefficient options of windows explorer. I've tried to run explorer directly and utilize the window i had before, but i have dopus handling all explorer windows...Is there maybe a way to force dopus to allow explorer to run a specific instance?

You can't sort icons freely. You can easily make Opus ignore replacement mode for specific folders in Prefs - Launching Opus - Explorer Replacement.

You could also use floating toolbars with your favorite shortcuts instead of a folder with icons. The Floating Settings allow you to control
whether the selected Toolbar appears inside Listers, or is free-floating and able to be moved around the screen independently.