Disable the function of tab?

Whether it is possible to disable the function tab

I do not want to use the tab function

I mean the list is only one tab

If you mean the Styles "tabbar" toolbar then you can simply close the toolbar.

If you mean the Folder Tabs then you can hide them via Preferences - Listers - Folder Tabs.

i mean the Folder Tabs

but in Listers - Folder Tabs

i can't find to disable the function(i mean
No matter what time show one Tabs)

It's the first option at the top of the Folder Tabs page. Set Display Folder Tabs to Only when needed and they won't be displayed unless you have multiple tabs open.

I have set that what you say

but when i double click the folder on my desktop the multiple tabs Appear

I do not want the the multiple tabs appear

I want my Opus has one tab or no tab whenever

my settings:

So turn that option off.

BTW please don't private message me to alert me to replies in threads. I read every post and will respond when I can.

I am sorry.
I thought you did not see my replay
I just touch the software, is looking forward to it
Thank you very much for the help