Disabling EXE launch

Sometimes I need to copy and move files from sensitive directories, e.g. directories containing potentially malicious software. In these cases, I'd like to be able to safely drag and drop files within Directory Opus, without worrying about accidentally running a file by double-clicking instead of single-clicking, or by hitting enter accidentally. So, what I am looking for is a way to instruct Directory Opus that it should not allow execution of programs from within the interface. Is this possible?

This will make it so that double-clicking EXE files in Opus will show their properties instead of executing them:

[ul][li]Go to Settings -> File Types.[/li]
[li]Expand the System File Types section and double-click the EXE filetype.[/li]
[li]Select the Events tab and double-click the Left double-click event.[/li]
[li]Set it to run the Properties command, then click OK in the three open windows to save the changes.[/li][/ul]

Give it a try on a known-safe EXE to make sure it worked.

You might want to do something similar for Left double-click + Alt, Ctrl and Shift.

The things on the Events tab only affect Opus, so this won't break your ability to launch EXE files from other programs.

Note that this will only affect folders which Opus handles "natively", which is most folders but not quite all. If you're copying the files from a device that provides a custom namespace/view rather than a standard directory then the events may not be used. You can usually tell because the folder, headings, file-selections etc. all look different to when you are in a normal folder.

With this set up, you can still right-click EXE files and choose Open when you want to launch them from within Opus.

Thanks, Leo!