Disappearing File Association Icons

The file association icons disappear a half second after I select a new directory. They flash on then off. I first noticed the problem after upgrading to v (5170) x64, but uncertain if immediately after. They had also diseappeared on Windows Explorer. I deleted and refreshed the Windows IconCache and that solved the problem for Windows Explorer, but not Dopus. Reboot of computer made not difference. This is Windows 7 Pro SP1. Problem is not present with same version of Dopus on portable with Windows 8 64 bit. I can't redownload 10 because no longer available. BTW are there prices to upgrade to 3 or 4 licenses?

Using ShellExView, which shell extensions with type Icon Handler do you have on your system?

Disabling them and rebooting may solve the problem. If it does solve it, re-enabling a few at a time until the problem returns should let you pinpoint the one causing the problem.

I almost missed the two extra questions on the end of your paragraph.

Opus 10 can still be downloaded if you look closely near the bottom of the downloads page.

You'll be given upgrade pricing if you put your details into the upgrade form.