Display a prompt message after completing the action

I have a button to unlock the read-only attribute of the current path and its subpath files with the following code:
SetAttr {sourcepath} CLEARATTR r RECURSE。
Is it possible to add a message on the screen after the execution is finished, to alert me that the script is finished, and the message disappears after 3 seconds.
Just like in the picture.

Opus v13 will support notifications.

With v12 you can use @confirm. It will show a message that needs to be closed with Enter or mouse click.

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This feature has been requested and you can run an AutoHotkey script instead.

Any way to show a toast dialog - Help & Support - Directory Opus Resource Centre (dopus.com)

I have created AutoHotkey script, how should I call it after execution is complete.
Forgive me for not knowing anything.

I'm glad Opus v13 will support notifications, I found this in the manual: Taskbar notifications
DOpus.Notify(, , ). I added this to the end of the code and after running it, the notification bar says, Windows can't find the file ....
Am I wrong somewhere?

Save as E:\AHK\Toast.ahk

#Requires AutoHotkey v2.0

    if (A_Args.length != 6)
Box(A_Args[1], A_Args[2], A_Args[3], A_Args[4], A_Args[5], A_Args[6])

Box(Width, Height, BackColor, Font, FontColor, FontSize) {
	Box := Gui("-DPIScale -Caption +LastFound -SysMenu +ToolWindow +AlwaysOnTop +E0x20")
	Box.BackColor := BackColor
	Box.Add("Text", 'c' FontColor " x" 10 " y" Height/2-6, Font)
	Box.Show("NoActivate w" Width "h" Height "x" A_ScreenWidth/2-Width "y" A_ScreenHeight/2-Height)
	settimer () => Box.Destroy(), -3000

Run E:\AHK\Toast.ahk 150 50 green "Some text" "white" "s10"

DOpus.Notify("Topic", "Notes", "N")

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Yes, currently only available in scripts. A regular modifier should be easy to implement, let's see what's coming.

In v13, @output lets you write something to the log - no confirmation needed.

Thanks to WKen
I've solved my needs.

Looking forward to version v13, it will be easier to implement this feature.