Display cached file/folder sizes while refreshing; filesize calculation order

Because calculation of file/folder sizes can be slow, it can sometimes take minutes to update the size column after refreshing (F5) a DOpus window (especially for large network shares). During this process the "Size" column is cleared out and only displays filesize after fully crawling through each file/folder again. This makes it difficult to sort through files / folders in the meantime - especially as, in many cases, only a small subset of the files/folders have changed.

(1) I'd like to request a feature where, upon refresh, the "size" column displays the "old" filesizes rather than being immediately wiped out. A different font (or italics, some other indicator, etc) could be used to differentiate the "old" estimate from the fresh one. This would permit users to continue navigating and reorganizing files (based on filesize) even while the size calculation is still in progress.

(2) Adjacent feature request: An option for the user to customize the sequence/priority for re-calculating file/folder sizes. For example - Smallest/Largest First (based on last size calculated), Alphabetical, Most Recently Updated, etc. This way sizes can be updated in the most relevant order first, and the user does not have to wait for the process to crawl through lots of irrelevant folders.


Are you pushing F5 in order to refresh the size information? (Of a specific folder, or all of them?)

Or is it because there's an issue with change notifications and the server and you need to refresh to see new items (or similar)?

Usually pushing F5 to refresh the size information.

If you only want to refresh a particular folder, you can select that folder and use Edit > Calculate Folder Sizes (Ctrl + K by default, or Ctrl + L on older configurations).