Display Favorites menu with keyboard shortcut?

I'd like to create a keyboard shortcut (e.g. F6) to display the Favorites menu at the mouse-pointer position. How can I achieve this?

Well, the only way I can think of is to create a new floating toolbar with a single button on it that runs the Favorites raw command...

However, it wouldn't behave exactly the way you want (no opening under mouse). But this makes a good case for a couple of feature enhancements...

  1. if a toolbar is specified as a 'floating' toolbar, then perhaps in the toolbar customize dialog we could have another option for it to 'open under mouse pointer'. Or maybe it could be another option under the Toolbar STATE argument... it seems like a worthwhile idea for those who might use floating toolbars.

  2. I could also see ppl perhaps wanting such a toolbar to automatically close after clicking on one of it's buttons...

What do ppl out there think of such a thing? Would anyone else use such features?

You can open floating toolbars under the mouse pointer:

Making the toolbar close itself after selecting an item is another thing. For normal buttons you can add a Toolbar Close Name=*this to each button. It's a pain adding that to lots of buttons, though, and it isn't an option at all for buttons which generate lists of items.

The other problem is the toolbar will remain open if you decide you don't want to select anything and click somewhere else. You could add a Close or Cancel item to it but it still won't behave exactly like a menu.

This I did not know, that guy Manual is pretty helpful eh :slight_smile: ?

About the other stuff, I guess it would be easiest to just add a TOGGLE to the hotkey that loads the toolbar so you can turn it off after selecting the fave you want to load...

Good stuff.

When I try to customize the Favorites button (on the ListerMenu toolbar), in the Command Editor dialog of that button there is no Hotkey field.

So please just add:

  1. a Hotkey field in the Command Editor dialog of the Favorites button,

  2. a "mouse position" option to the Popout ComboBox in this dialog.

It would be that simple.

Hotkeys run commands, they don't open menus, so it's not quite that simple. A command would need to be added which opens a particular menu and that would need a way to know which menu to open, and so on.

[disclaimer] Not criticising you Pete, you just struck my funny bone based on past experience in an unrelated situation[/disclaimer]

I used to work with a guy (good friend of mine still) who worked in a first level software support group who always used to come up to the Development team's floor and start telling us how "you should just do it this way, and that way" etc etc... and while some guys got a little pissed off at him, having worked with him previously I just laughed myself out of my chair... Mind you, the guy had NO coding experience at all, but more importantly he wasn't even close to aware of any of the design issues in the products that just made the assumed 'simplicity' with which he associated his ideas more of a pipe dream than anything approaching a valid suggestion that could be pursued...

Anyway, the "simple" part brought me back to some fun old days... thanks for that.

Now... about your suggestion, I guess that a possible way to implement what you've just suggested that would "fit in" to current Opus design would be to have an extension to the Toolbar command like MENU=toolbar_name+menu_button_name or somethign similar in nature that could let someone specify the particular toolbar and menu item to activate...

Either way, feel free to submit a feature request to GPSoft about it...

But out of curiosity, what about the toolbar based method described above "don't" you like or doesn't do what you want?

Hi there,

I did pretty much what you guys described above. I created a floating toolbar (type "Glass") named "FavoritesList" with a single command button on it, which runs the "Favorites" command without any arguments.

Then I assinged the command "Toolbar TOGGLE Name=FavoritesList" to the F8 button.

Everything seems to work pretty fine. F8 toggles the state of the "FavoritesList" toolbar but the toolbar always appears docked when pressing F8. Back in the settings dialog, the "Floating toolbar" is unchecked for the "FavoritesList". I can manually tick the check box, but as soon as I toggle using F8 the toolbar gets docked again.

Any chance to make Opus remember the "FavoritesList" tooblar as floating?


It's not in how Opus 'remembers' the toolbar... it's in how you 'invoke' it. Change your hotkey to run the command:

Toolbar TOGGLE NAME="FavoritesList" STATE=float

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Thanks a lot!

Nah... nudel has devoted way more of his cortex to Opus than I. And we shall call him... mini-opus. All hail the mighty noodle!

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