Display Filtered Folder Contents from Another Folder

Hi guys,

Not sure if what I am asking for is possible - and it could be a little difficult to describe, but here goes..

I would like to create a folder that displays shortcuts to other folders, filtering items shown based on label.

Ps: should also mention... once the 'Alert' label is removed from a partiular folder.. that folder shortcut would be removed from the 'To Do List' folder.

Bit of background.. I am a draftsman, and when I received a document/email/request, I file it in an ‘Inbox’ folder. This ‘Inbox’ folder is an archive for all incoming correspondence for a project. Any items that require action from me (for example - a design change that I have to incorporate), I will mark the folder with a custom DOpus label (called ‘Alert’).

I would like to be able to create a sort of ‘To Do List’ folder, that will filter the contents of the ‘Inbox’ folder and create a shortcut for any folders marked with the custom ‘Alert’ label.

Please see screen shot below.

Again... not sure if this is possible at all - of course I am open to suggestions of alternative method.

Thanks for any help

Probably the easiest way to get that is to use Tools > Find Files to match items according to your criteria (e.g. anything with your Alert label), then re-run that query each time you want an updated view of the filtered results.

You'll need to use the Find panel's Advanced mode, and from there you can also save the filter you have set up to use again later, or use from a command (e.g. via toolbar button or hotkey).

So you could have a button or hotkey which you push to update the filtered results and show them to you in a single click.

If that sounds like it would but you don't know how to set some of it up, let me know which parts you're unfamiliar with and I'll provide the steps.

Hey Leo,

Thanks for the reply. I think your suggestion sounds pretty good. Filter the display of the current folder rather than create a separate folder.

Could you please provide an example of the syntax for a FIND command button? I have a preset filter saved as "Label = Alert". I think I'm getting stuck on the directory stipulation.

Thanks Leo

This sounded like something I could use, so I created a seach to find the labelled files. The label I tested with was a dynamic label assigned automatically via a pattern in the "Label Assignments" preferences page. However it should work identically with manually assigned labels.

Using Find -> Advanced, I selected "Label" "Match" "[label name]". (This could also be done via the "Filters" preferences panel). Make sure you give the filter a name, and click Save

Then I added a button called "Find [label name]"

The command;

FIND NAME "[filter name]" FILTER IN "{sourcepath$}" COLLNAME "[filter name]" SHOWRESULTS DEST

This will allow me to click the Button while viewing the source pane, and have the search results appear in the destination pane. (If you are in a single panel lister, it will become a dual panel lister.)

The only downside is performance. It seems to take 2-4 seconds to populate the destination panel with the new collection even when the source panel has two files and no subdirectories..

I hope that helps

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Hi PerlLlama, thanks a lot for the reply.

Very cool command, I really like how it shows the results in the second pane.

I agree performance isn't great for these FIND commands. The code I came up with is below, and the delay is about the same as your command.

Find "Label = Alert" IN {sourcepath} FILTER

Thanks again for your help and suggestions.

We'll remove that delay in a future update. (Might not make it into 12.18.)

The delay has been removed in Directory Opus 12.17.6 (Beta)